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even as you are, you are becoming

SURPRISE Care Packages!!

Hey! My boyfriend is currently deployed and traveling between Kuwait and Iraq. I love sending him care packages, but the cost to send him care packages has gotten out of my budget. I also "adopted a soldier" but I had to put that project aside. I love putting together care packages especially for the troops overseas, so to raise money to continue supporting my soldier as well as others, I'm starting a project. I'm sending out surprise care packages that may include books, trinkets from all over the world (I've been to West Africa, Hawaii, the Philippines, most of the United States, etc), postcards, letters, perfumes, jewlery, CDs, snacks, etc to put together and send to you! The asking price is negotiable based on what you think it should be worth. I want to make these packages to make others happy, and I know how great it feels to get a package through the mail... especially if it's a complete surprise! :)  There will be at least 3 items and I will try and customize it based on what you like and what your interests are.

This idea is completely new for me, so any tips  or hints on how to market this idea would be great.

I apologize to the administrator of this community if this type of post isn't allowed. Just let me know, and I'll take it down immediately.

For more infortmation, my email is mariexastrid@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time!


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