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swap swap swap

so... the last few times i posted about wanting to swap envelopes for stationery sheets and stickers there hasn't been too much of a response... but i still got lots of envies and i'm still optimistic about (hopefully) not having to throw them out in the garbage. :)
As mentioned i'd like to get stationery sheets and/or stickers in return. i only have a minimum of what i want in return and that's 1 sheet of paper per 2 envelopes... if you want to send me more than that it's really really really cool, but it's not an absolute must. :)

i have made a few themed "collections" and you can see some of the envies from each "collection" behind

Pink (20 envies in all)

Disney Princesses (20 envies in all)

the hunchback of notre dame (18 envies in all)

Winnie the pooh (33 envies in all)

Donald Duck (7 envies in all)

Mickey and Minnie (there are two "collections" here that are almost the same. one is with 28 envies and one is with 27)

Hearts (33 envies in all)

mini-envies (19 envies in all)

i have more "collections" that i just haven't taken pictures of. you just gotta do without the pics on these ones:
birthday (7 envies)
Hello Kitty and Charmy kitty (19 envies)
birds (14 envies)
horses (22 envies)
(teddy) bears (31 envies)
dogs (16 envies)
cats (10 envies)

if you are interested in only a part of a "collection" that is ok as well. so if you want to have, let's say only 15 envies with hearts, it is possible. hehe.
if you are interested in swapping please write me a PM and we'll take it from there :)
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