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Name: Star Chaser
Age: Over 30
Birthday: October 3
Location: Ozarks
Favorite Color: pastels, summer colors, jewel tones

Favorite Scents: fresh summer rain, freshly plowed dirt, freshly mown grass, hay, roses, lilacs, peonies, creeks

Favorite Music: I like classical music, southern gospel, blue grass, some country. I hate hate rap.

Favorite Literature: I read many different kinds of things. I do read the classics, mysteries, young adult lit and many kinds of non fiction and other kinds of fiction. I do not read horror or romance. I am not a fan of true crime.

Favorite TV show/movie: I love NCIS, HGTV, Cake Boss, Wedding shows except Bridezillas, The Little Couple, The O'Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck, many news shows. I am a news junkie.

Favorite Things: I like to swim, garden, crochet, write and listen to music. I enjoy reading and movies. I am very involved in church. I am a news junkie. I follow politics closely even in these very dangerous times.

Favorite Professional or College Teams: New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts

Team colors blue and white
Do you collect anything? Books and coffee cups. Nothing I have to dust

Hobbies: reading, writing, crocheting, gardening, astronomy (notice I did NOT say astrology), bird watching

Fandom: None really

Religion/Beliefs: Christian

Any holidays you don’t celebrate? No

Things to know about you: Happily married Christian woman

Do you want to also be penpals? Sure

If you want a pen pal answer the following please.

1. Male or female or both: female

2. Ages: over 18

3. How many do you want? Doesn’t matter

Do you want to write and receive letters? Yes

Would you rather just receive and send cards and not letters? All of the above. I also would love to send and receive fun and or funny pictures, jokes, puzzles, facts and surveys and the like.

Things you will not accept or find offensive: obscene language. I am very G rated

Will you ship oversees? sure

Random things about me--
1.I like heart shaped things. Don't ask me why.
1. I have a cat my husband and I are very attached to. We hope to get a dog in the near future.
2. MSNBC is not allowed in my home.
3. I love talk radio. We listen to it every morning at work and many afternoons.
4. I am a COUNTRY girl. We live in the country.
5. I write short stories. My nieces and nephews are the only people who have read them. They are pressing me to publish, but I haven't even tried to do so.


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