WonWon (lord_harrymort) wrote in snailmailpals,

Hey guys I'm trying to get two things going here:

1)I also thought it would be cool to find a group of 4-5 people and start a round robin. Basically I would get a notebook, write in it/decorate it and send it to the first person who would read it, do the same then send it to the next person etc... the book would go through the list on a continous loop until it is full - then we can buy a new one!

Email me at spicytunamaki5@gmail.com if you're interested!


2) I'd like to find a group of girls to start an email group. I'm hoping to find people who are willing to email back and forth on a regular basis to talk about life, give advice, share pictures and various other things. In order to promote emailing there I will send out questions and/or have themes/quizzes/memes to get things going.

It's basically like using a message board but through email.

Again, if you're interested, email me at spicytunamaki5@gmail.com
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