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Name: Brit
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Relationship status: In an open relationship
Location: Wisconsin. Moving to Washington within the next month or two
Occupation: Self-employed
Languages: English

Interests: Sport bikes, cars, gaming, reading, writing, computers, movies, TV
TV: House, Burn Notice, Law and Order: SVU, CSI, Scrubs
Music: Techno, Rock, Metal. Hollywood Undead, Dave Matthews Band, Whitechaple, Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Aesthetic Perfection, And One, Brokencyde, Ed Gein, Eminem, Green Day, Hot Hot Heat, Imperative Reaction, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Marilyn Manson, Necessary Response, Nirvana, Theory of a Deadman, Weezer, DJ Splash, HexRx, Syntax, Basshunter, LFO, Nightcore
Movies: Thirteen, Hard Candy, Enduring Love, Tideland, Hide and Seek, Martyrs, Pathology, Fear and Loathing, The Boondock Saints, Shoot 'Em Up, Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Mr. Brooks, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Pen Pal Info-
How many pen pals do you have? Zero
How many pen pals do you want? A whole bunch of 'em!
Do you want email pals? Doesn't matter
How long are your letters? Varies but usually long
Do you hand write or type? Both
Estimated reply time? Within a week
Would you like a male or female pen pal? Doesn't matter
Where would you like your pen pal to be from? USA
Age Preference? Doesn't matter
Gender? Doesn't matter

Anything else-
I suffer from depression. I may come out as strange but I'm actually very nice and interested in many things! I express myself in writing and my journal entries can get very weird so don't mind that. :) People describe me as one of the most interesting people in the world.

This is me-
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hello! my name is rachel i'm 19 years old, i live alone on a mountain and sometimes i get lonely and would like to start pen pallin' again. i don't really know what to say about myself. i caretake on a self sufficient homestead & milk goats, make cheese & take care of bees. i love literature and good music. punk shows and silk screening. be my pen pal please!!!

survey thing:
Name: Rachel
Nickname: i don't really have one
Age: 19
Location: california
Occupation: cheesemaker/farm hand
Orientation: don't have one
Relationship: Single
Dream Job: farmer
Languages: english, working on teaching myself french and latin right now.

About Me: pretty much what that blurb above said

Music: my bloody valentine, cult ritual, husker du, black flag, tool, kate bush, bjork, slowdive, townes van zandt, the sundays, radiohead

Movies: ugetsu, fellini, goddard, avatar rocked, wes anderson .. i dont watch enough movies

Books: super passionate about literature. nikos katzanztakis, thomas mann, thomas wolfe, anais ninn, virginia woolf, richard brautigan, italo calvino

How many pen pals do you have?: 3
How many pen pals do you want?: infinite
Do you want email pals?: i dont have the internet! i'm at my parents house for the week.
Do you want snail mail pals?: yes
Do you want new LJ friends: nah
How long are your letters?: medium to long a few pages sometimes
Reply time?: pretty quick
Would you like your pen pal to be male or female?: either
Where would you like them to be from?: anywhere
Age preference?: i'm not ageist
What are you looking for in a pen pal? passionate and sensitive people who enjoy writing and receiving letters! and will write back!

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Name: Kelly
Nickname: kaos/ luna riot (roller derby name)
Age: 27
Location: birmingham uk
Occupation: freelance film and youth worker
Orientation: bi
Relationship: Single
Dream Job: combining the film and youth work together or just making creative films all the time
Languages: English but would love to learn more.

About Me: i make films and do what i can to promote the independent scene keeping art alive, i dig anything creative and all kinds of crafts.

Music: gbh, vice squad, blitz, blatz, exploited, pantera, slayer, rancid, leftover crack, discharge, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, hatebreed, agnostic front, LUNACHICKS, patti smith, l7, bikini kill, bloodlined calligraphy, x ray spex,cocksparrer, walls of jericho, converge, eyehategod, madball, terror, melt banana,hole, atari teenage riot, lolita storm, shitmat, scotch egg, andy c, mampi swift, kenny ken, and some other drum n bass as long as its dark and dirty beats theres too may to mention them all

Movies: redneck zombies, toxic avenger (all of),leon, donnie darko, amelie, run lola run, ghost world, evil dead triology, braindead, fifth element, true romance, stand by me, sleepers, shaun of the dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, night of the dead,devils rejects,house of 1000 corpses hum if its full of cheesy effects and gore ill prolly love it.

Books: im a total comic book freak but a side from that...patti smiths complete lyrics and notes, the wasp factory-ian banks, lost souls- poppy z brite, englands dreaming. everything i learnt about film making i leart from the toxic avenger-l.k., make your own damn movie-l.kim more of a fan of non fiction to be honest im too much of a realist for happy happy joy joy fiction thanks id rather know the facts and true stories are the best kind

How many pen pals do you have?: 6
How many pen pals do you want?: lots i always write back :)
Do you want email pals?: i take ages to email back as im not always on the computer
Do you want snail mail pals?: yes
Do you want new LJ friends: yeeeeah
How long are your letters?: medium to long dont see the point in short letters
Reply time?: asap fairly quick
Would you like your pen pal to be male or female?: either
Where would you like them to be from?: anywhere
Age preference?: 20+
What are you looking for in a pen pal? friendshipand people who actually write back please 
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Name: Clare

Age: 21

Date of Birth:April 19th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Hereford uK

Occupation: graduate/bum

Hair: red

Eyes: blue

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Taken

Looking for: Snail mail penpals.

Tattoos/Piercings: ears nose top lip x2 bottom lip x2  chestpiece half sleeve inner lip and feet (tattooed)


About me (basics): I just graduated from university studying Illustration..im taking a Gap Year now but im going back to university in Sept to study photojournalism...im currently travelling and just enjoying life........i like writing reading listening to music/going to shows hanging out with friends/my bf going to the cinema

Hobbies: read above

Music: Hardcore and some Hiphop.

Books: anything that takes my fancy really...ask and youll find out :)

TV: documentries....stuff about serial killers (lol) soaps and The Hills/The City

Movies:horror comedy

How long are your letters? usually very long

Do you hand-write or type? always hand write
What age would you like your email pal to be?
Where would you like them to be from? anywhere but the UK really

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Name: Emily

Age: 20

Date of Birth: May 29

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Tiffin Ohio

Occupation: student, caregiver

Hair: Brown

Eyes: blue

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Single

Looking for: Snail mail penpals.

Tattoos/Piercings: just my ears

Religion: non denominational christian

About me (basics): I am part Swedish and Mexican, I love animals and kids, I’m a Psychology major with a Women and Gender Sudies minor, and I love horror movies and a good romance novel

Hobbies: sewing, reading, writing, walking

Music: Anything really.

Books: romance novels, Harry Potter, Twilight, Max Ride, problem novels

TV: Supernatural, AFV, Closer

Movies: horror, drama, comedy

How long are your letters? depends

Do you hand-write or type? type
What age would you like your email pal to be?
Where would you like them to be from?

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I am new to this. . .

Name: TJ

Age: 25

Date of Birth: July 6th

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Location: North Ridgeville, Ohio, United States

Occupation: Video game player

Hair: Current brown, but soon to be red

Eyes: Green

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Single

Looking for: Friends, Snail mail pen-pals, phone pals

Tattoos/Piercings: Snake bite left side of lip

Religion: Penacostal, Christian

About me (basics): I like dragons, cooking, and playing baseball. I am 5’3”.

Hobbies: Playing video games; Writing RPG’s; Final Fantasy; role-playing in RPG's like D&D; know how to cook: I make an awesome chicken core don blu. I love to hang out with friends. I also enjoy caring for me cat, Dirty.

Music: Anything: R&B, Nelly Furtado, Theory of a deadman, Linkin Park

Books: The Left behind Series, The Body by Stephen King

TV: Wrestling and Anime

Movies: The Crow, Sweeney Todd, Stand by Me

How long are your letters? Several pages, I usually like to write.

Do you hand-write or type? I prefer to type my letters, but I will hand write if I can’t get to a computer.
What age would you like your email pal to be?
20-27 Females only please
Where would you like them to be from?


Please e-mail me at Turtle6784@yahoo.com Please indicate that you are from livejournal and would you would like to be snail mail penpals in the e-mail. Thank you.




Wish List


  1. Video games
  2. Letters

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Name: Amy

Age: 19

Date of Birth: October 18th

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Location: Chico, California USA

Occupation: unknown. (I'm 19, give me a break)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Green/Blue/Orange rings

Ethnicity: White

Language: English

Marital Status: Legally? Single. But I have a great guy. =]

Looking for: Pen Pals

Tattoos/Piercings: a few

Religion: Atheist

About me (basics): I spent the last couple years hitch hiking around the U.S.A a bit as a dirty squatter kid. My boyfriend and I have arrived back at my moms and are in the process of getting jobs and going back to school. I'm shy, keep to myself, don't know where my life is going (who does at this age?), and don't have any set plans for the future.

Hobbies: Animals, guitar, reading, normal things.

Music: a lot of different things. some favorites and examples of 'a lot of different things'- Van Halen, CCR, Tech N9ne, Reagen Youth, Third Eye Blind, Bass Nectar, Alice In Chains, Bonkers 15 (the album), Johnny Hobo, Cradle Of Filth and everything in between?

Books:  HP series [this line won't unitalicize wtf?]

TV: Right now my guilty pleasure is Daisy of Love. Besides that, and with complete honesty (at almost 20, some of these don't fit well I suppose) I indulge in mainly- Degrassi (every episode FTW, can't wait for the movie), House, NCIS, Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Hannah Montana (it sucked me in recently), Aqua Teen, Family Guy, King Of The Hill, Stella [<3], Michael and Michael Have Issues [in hopes it will be similar to Stella], Sarah Silverman Show, Cowboy Bebop and I like documentries. I think it's funny that my longest section so far is on TV shows because I really don't watch that much TV.

Movies:  I'm not too into movies. I have a few favorites, but I have movie ADD. Give me a list of 100 most watched movies and I've probably seen 20 of them at very most. 

How long are your emails? I would prefer regular letters. It depends on my mood, usually no less than 2 pages (1 page= front and back in my book)

Do you hand-write or type?  hand write [this one won't unbold, what is wrong with this thing?]
How long does it take you to reply to an email?  
when I write a letter, I usually do it in one go. I'm kind of a procrasinator though so it might take a week or so.
What age would you like your email pal to be? 
I honestly don't care [grrr stupid toolbar not working again]
Where would you like them to be from? 
Doesn't matter as long as it's in english and written well enough for me to understand.


E-mail- xshmoopiex@yahoo.com for address. I don't use LJ much anymore so you wont find any dirt on me here, though if you're into researching your people first I believe you can find my very boring myspace with that e-mail address.




Yet another request!

Hi all!

I have yet another request! Does anyone make sticky address labels? I need labels to be used for FB's! My printer keeps messing them up, so Im kind of desperate. haha. And my hand keeps cramping from writing my stuff in manually! Please please please?

let me know what you want in return! I live in California, 20 minutes from the capitol city.


Hello I am Erich. I'll be 29 years old on Wednesday. I haven't wrote pen pals since around 1997. I used to write alot from metal and pro wrestling magazines when I was younger. And they would be from 4 to 6 pages front and back. I love making new friends, and traveling. I also like to give my new friends cool things from this state and other places that I visit, color and draw pictures for them if they esp live out of the country. =) I have one cat, but want more. I have 2 tats, and have my labret pierced. I work testing circut boards for automobile steros, and love to cook. I love camping, music, recycling, movies, cards, pool, darts, ice hockey, baseball, football, world of warcraft, lots of video games, books, collecting alot of stuff, photography, festivals, and I really love my family and my friends, and spending as much time as possible with them. I'm real laid back and love to chill and relax with a good book with some good music and smoke, and I would like to have as many pen pals as possible. Male or Female ages between 18 and 45. gorilocks@gmail.com